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We are on a mission to change the way we think about food.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered solutions enable farmers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their crop yields. We use machine learning algorithms to analyze environmental factors and predict crop growth, enabling farmers to take proactive measures to prevent crop failure.

Our Mission: 
Redefining the Way the World Thinks About Food Security & B2B Food Processing and Production

NeuponicsAI Inc. (NeuponicsAI) has developed breakthroughs in indoor farming. This development has led to Neuponics, a new farming technology that incorporates the widely known benefits of aeroponics with modifications and enhancements that allow Scalability and profitability in ways traditional aeroponics struggle to realize.  


The Neuponics agriculture system is patent pending (63/662,118) with a target B2B Franchise model.


Our new and revolutionary agriculture system incorporates artificial intelligence and plant biology management to improve the way in which fresh produce is grown. The higher yields are achieved economically, leaving room for profit and reducing the complexity concerns. The new agricultural system, “Neuponics,” has very few installation restrictions related to environmental conditions, and the technology will be distributed both locally & globally to address Food security.

Neuponics Technology

Our advanced Neuponics system uses 90% less water compared to traditional farming methods and enables crops to grow faster and healthier. By eliminating soil and pesticides, we produce more nutritious and natural food that is free from harmful chemicals. The Neuponics system is focused on “profitable” indoor farming, an important key to sustained food security.

futuristic greenhouse

Why NeuponicsAI

Revolutionizing Agriculture with AI & Predictive Science

At NeuponicsAI, we are dedicated to transforming the agriculture industry with our innovative solutions. Our AI-powered platform and Neuponics technology enable B2B partners to realize the promise of aeroponics “higher yields” to produce more food with fewer resources, contributing to a sustainable and secure future for all.

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