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Who is NeuponicsAI?

At NeuponicsAI, we are leading change to the way that crops are grown with the introduction of our patent-pending A.I. smart farming aeroponics system that uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture and 45% less water than hydroponics systems.

Our Approach

Transforming Agriculture Through Technology

NeuponicsAI Inc. (“NeuponicsAI"), a California corporation, is the developer and owner of proprietary aeroponics cultivation systems. NeuponicsAI's founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kevin McDoneld, has collaborated with aeroponics expertise that has devoted over thirty years to the development of aeroponics technology, testing and refining each subsequent version by growing crops. Kevin has been devoted to the development of aeroponics technology. Kevin's past collaboration with aeroponics developers has instilled technical aeroponics expertise based on NASA-funded scientists in the development of the company’s own proprietary aeroponics system.

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Cutting-Edge Agriculture Technology

NeuponicsAI’s technology has been in development for several years and is the expansion of 30 years of aeroponics research. NeuponicsAI will address global food security in the face of climate change. The latest development of Artificial Intelligence applications lends itself perfectly to the NeuponicsAI technology.

Aeroponics is a cultivation method in which plant roots are suspended in air without entangling into a physical medium, and are fed via a fine mist or fog system. NeuponicsAI will transform agriculture while remaining cognizant of the planet's well-being and the people who inhabit it. The latest company breakthroughs in indoor aeroponic farming, artificial intelligence, and plant biology are deployed to improve the way in which fresh produce is grown and distributed, locally and internationally.

Our Location

We are headquartered in the heart of California’s agricultural region.

NeuponicsAI is an agriculture technology startup that focuses on transforming food security using artificial intelligence and advanced aeroponic technology. Our mission is to reduce the consumption of natural resources and address global food security.

Contact Us

Suite R - 30 N. Gould Street

Sheridan, WY 82801


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