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Mission Statement

At NeuponicsAI, we are on mission to change the way we think about our food by addressing global food security concerns, increasing production yields, and consuming less resources via the utilization of our advanced aeroponics-based technologies. 

Company Overview

The NeuponicsAI Inc

NeuponicsAI intends to develop a functional state-of-the-art Prototype which will be tested in a greenhouse facility. The prototype will be capable of growing a variety of crops, including tomatoes and bell peppers.. Simultaneously, NeuponicsAI will develop and implement artificial intelligence software and robotics that will allow the company to scale rapidly and produce commercial crops in larger quantities

Who are we?

NeuponicsAI is a collective of passionate technology and food nerds that have a drive for creating and implementing an umatched method of crop production by increasing yield and decreasing the amount of water required while producing top quality crops.

When did everything start?

Since NAS/1:s original research showing the potential advantages of aeroponics, a handful of companies have introduced commercial aeroponic systems to the market They have been largely avoided due to reliability issues despite yield increases over traditional and hydroponic farming. Those systems generally require a sterile nutrient solution in order to operate without critical issues, which deprives plants of the disease and pest resistance benefits that live symbiotic microbial cultures provide

How did it happen?

NeuponicsAI's unique technology came together from a variety of team members and has the capability to seriously address global food security issues caused by climate change. It can bring needed improvements to efficiency and resource conservation in large-scale agriculture. The growing systems represent a quantum leap in crop yields and efficiency from all other known cultivation systems currently available to the agriculture market

What do we do?

The knowledge base extends to decades analyzing aeroponics systems that were originally designed by NASA back in the So's for use in space. This critical information mixed with our knowledge allow for a unique blend of information, resources and advancements that allow us to advance beyond traditional agriculture techniques.

Where are we from?

NeuponicsAI Inc. ("NeuponicsAI"), a California Corporation, is the developer and owner of proprietary aeroponics cultivation systems. Aerofresh expertise is derived from many tears of close communication with expers in the field of aeroponics. The experience was further enhanced from testing and refining each system version by growing various crops including bell peppers and tomatoes Aeroponics is a cultivation method in which plant roots are suspended in air, without entangling into a physical medium, and fed via a fine mist or fog system

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