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Confidential & Legal Remarks

The NeuponicsAI Inc website and slide deck describes the organization, planned business and operations of NeuponicsAI Inc. (“Company”). This document is not intended as investment advice and contains forward-looking statements that do not guarantee future performance. Any reference to past successful performance is no indication of the likelihood of future successful performance. No offer to sell and no solicitation of any offer to purchase securities are made by this document. By your acceptance of delivery of this document, you unconditionally agree that it may not be reproduced or divulged, in whole or in part, or permitted to be used by or made available to any other party or entity, unless pre-authorized by an officer of the Company.


The Company will file patent application for proprietary components within its system design and the methodology of how the nutrient delivery mechanisms alternate on precise timing schedules, as well as a step-by-step process of how to operate the system from the seedling/cutting stage to the day of harvest in a way that achieves optimal results.


It also includes claims of an integration that allows NeuponicsAI aeroponics systems to utilize organic nutrients and produce crops that meet organic certification standards. In general, the USDA has determined that aeroponically-grown produce cannot be labeled as organic. However, NeuponicsAI patent-pending integration makes it a hybrid system, creating a work-around allowing crops grown organically in its systems to likely be labeled as organic. The Company will file additional patent claims to cover proprietary system components, robotics, processes, as well as software that are continuously developed.

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