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Kevin McDoneld

CEO, Director, Inventor & CTO

A natural innovator and problem solver, Kevin’s experience spans more than 25 years serving in engineering, team and project management. His hands-on work has taken him across five continents as Manager of Mechanical Engineering. These projects required Kevin spending in excess of 50% of the year out-of-country, over the course of many years. Kevin consistently performed as a top-tier manager while simultaneously assigning himself key engineering duties and tasks. Kevin’s problem solving record, which kept operations on day rate, saved the company many millions of dollars. His record was 100% in resolving these issues worldwide. Kevin, as an innovator, has multiple patents as either the sole inventor or lead inventor. One invention of note was a lithium mining and recovery system that reduced the time to run and retrieve a six mile deep ocean riser from 21-28 days down to 6 days. The savings on this operation was measure at $10.5 - $15.4 million USD savings over the 15-22 day reduction in riser handling time. These savings would be realized multiple times per mining season and was recognized as one of the deepest lithium ocean mining operations in existence. Kevin was key in development of predictive analytic algorithms that support leading-edge projects in predictive performance, maintenance and failure; creation of artificial intelligence (Al) and data-gathering algorithms in support of Al initiatives for various equipment, apparatuses and systems in the agricultural, offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling and shipping fields. Kevin served as 24 hour on call analytical advisor for predictive failure alerts for the U.S. Navy Ship systems in partnership with G.E.. Kevin has successfully served in engineering and design capacity for the U.S. Navy, US Coast Guard, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) . Kevin has successfully undertaken the mechanical engineering design, development, and analysis involved in a wide array of engineering projects.

Nick Luksha

COO & Director

Nick is the managing partner of Tesoro Capital Partners and has over 18 years of business experience as an owner, senior management, and in capital markets as a Director, President, and Executive Vice President of private and publicly traded companies. Through-out his career, Nick has been a leader in numerous sectors including real estate development, investment, asset management, technology, franchising, & building management teams to help small to medium sized businesses achieve controlled growth. He has considerable experience providing access to capital for high-growth businesses worldwide. Nick’s vast network of value-add capital sources include High Net Worth retail investors, family offices, institutional investors, and broker/dealers. Having operated across Canada, the USA, and Latin America, Nick has cultivated a sophisticated approach to a diverse range of professional environments.

Alex Wells

Marketing Director

Alex owns and operates Uptake Creative, a successful full service digital marketing and branding agency. Designing and creating powerful brand and marketing strategies to maximize business growth for real estate and corporate clients. He has extensive experience and expertise in graphic design and the development of innovative marketing strategies that leverage existing client strengths—with the goal of upping their game to the next level.

For over 15 years he has successfully engaged with clients from a variety of sectors in both the physical and digital marketing domains to create powerful brand identities and marketing collateral for both print and online. From REALTORS to business owners and other professionals, and firms focused on lifestyle, real estate and technology. A key strength of his is the ability to work directly with clients to meet the marketing and advertising needs of their businesses.

His overarching philosophy is: "To create innovative and simplistic marketing solutions to cut through clutter."

Sully Jacques

Advisor & Consultant

Sully Jacques has over 10 years of experience in investment banking advisory and international financing. Sully is currently working with Nexpedia Holdings, which provides capital advisory services to lower-middle-market biotechnology firms in South Korea and the United States. Sully Jacques also occupied the position of Chief Operating Officer for Axiom Care Group, which operated assisted living care facilities in Arizona. As the Chief Operating Officer, Sully helped in the development of the intergenerational care model which provided an alternative approach to respite care. Before forming Axiom Care, Mr. Jacques worked as a General Scientist for the Food & Drug Administration for over six years, where he helped form the food advisory committees that went on to investigate Escherichia coli and the harm of acrylamide to foods. Mr. Jacques also worked alongside Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to help raise awareness and healthcare assistance to Sudan to help combat the Aids epidemic. In his brief work in the public sector, Mr. Jacques sought to make a positive impact on health care in America and globally by serving as a catalyst for change and innovation.

Justin Mabanta

Advisor & Consultant

Justin Mabanta has had a career in the capital markets spanning over the last 13 years as an experienced entrepreneur, principal investor, and
licensed Financial Advisor/Equities Trader. He has a deep understanding of various sectors, including mining/resources, technology digital assets, and cannabis sectors. Over this time, he has been involved in several private equity transactions as well as listed ventures in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Business/ Communications.

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