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NeuponicsAI Brand & Partnerships

NeuponicsAI will focus on educating the world about the yield and natural resource conservation possibilities of Aeroponics farming. The company will create a global brand with wholesale distributors and retailers. NeuponicsAI will form local partnerships where needed to allow farm-to-table distribution of our produce. Produce grown using Neuponics is well suited to chef tastings, expanding our market penetration and allowing the brand to become more globally recognized. Along with technology that decreases the use of natural resources, the NeuponicsAI brand will provide great-tasting, pesticide-free products.

Ongoing Research & Development

Along with our goal of producing the world's first USDA-certified organic aeroponically grown produce, NeuponicsAI also intends to continue research using Artificial Intelligence to enhance all aspects of plant growth further. The R&D will continue developing systems that will aeroponically grow fruit-bearing trees and similar plants. The technology will be tweaked to grow other desirable crops such as coffee, squash, avocados, and other produce near term. 

NeuponicsAI Growth

NeuponicsAI is designing proprietary software currently under development Inventor Kevin McDoneld is on board as Chief Technology Officer. Kevin has been the sole, or main inventor for several patents and also his previous employer was selected by SpaceEx, to develop sea launch facilities. For 25 years Kevin has been engineering and developing systems, hardware and software products for NASA GE. and major oil companies based on his extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine-learning, predictive analytics, and robotics. The NeuponicsAI software interface will be accessible via computer and mobile device application. It will show the specific layout of aeroponic systems in each grow facility. Multiple sensors in each root chamber and across various components of the system will utilize cloud technology to feed live data to the software. The Al will enable software to show and adjust vital indicators such as pump status, atomizer status, pH, nutrient content, water temperature, room temperature, CO2, wavelength processing, and photographic analysis.

The Future
of NeuponicsAI

NeuponicsAI intends to further develop the patent-pending technology to develop a state-of-the-art prototype incorporating predictive analytics and AI processing to determine efficient plant growth. The prototype functional testing will take place in a greenhouse. Operational equipment controlled by NeuponicsAI-developed software and predictive analytics will also reduce downtime and maintenance costs. This will allow nearly uninterrupted plant growth. The predictive nature will also optimize schedules for required maintenance, with maintenance shifts and skips when predictive analytics dictates. The patented “Neuponic” technology will allow the world's first scalable, profitable, indoor system for large-scale agriculture.

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