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Our Technology

NeuponicsAI's growth system is patent pending (No. 63/662,118) and can produce at least 2x and as much as 6x the yield of many crops while using approximately 45% less water when compared to hydroponics farming and also address the shortcomings of aeroponics to allow the Neuponics technology to capture the promised higher yields.

Our Aeroponics Systems

NeuponicsAI technology produces 2-6x the yields of its competitors in the same space

NeuponicsAI's proprietary nutrient delivery system modifies the type of root development at different stages of the plant lifecycles. It initially promotes vigorous, extremely fast, primary root growth and mass. The development of root hairs (tubular outgrowth of trichoblasts) is also increased throughout the growth cycle. This multi-stage process results in an increased plant mass, resulting in higher yields and an increased growth rate.

The delivery system function is enhanced by AI connectivity, Data processing for Predictive analytics, and smart learning. The system will also address clogging and settling within the systems, and ensure the healthiest yields.

The AI enhanced system will allow continuous improvements, geographic-based operational adjustments, and predictive analysis of function and pending failures to allow corrections before they impact the growing process

Intelligent Software

In 2021. former NASA and General Electric engineer contractor, Kevin McDoneld began to spearhead the predictive Science and Al development of the advanced technological system. Mr. McDoneld brings over 25 years of engineering experience to the team and most recently helped GE launch the world's first automated digital drilling vessel in the oil and gas industry. Mr. McDoneld aims to have NeuponicsAI proprietary software launched within the next 8 to 12 months

Smart Technology

Sensors will utilize cloud-based system to collect live data which will enable monitoring of vital indicators such as pump & atomizer statuses. pH. nutrients. water & room temps. CO2. root zone oxygen. and humidity

Predictive Algorithms

Predictive analytics algorithms will predict individual plant health issues and hardware maintenance requirements before they effect performance


The system will provide the ability to automate additional crops for minimal cost. reducing labor and with greater functionality

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