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The NeuponicsAI Method

NeuponicsAI's solution is more cost-effective & energy efficient than vertical farming.

At NeuponicsAI we are focused on expanding the way aeroponic crops are growing by focusing on root growth manipulation, the importance of microbiomes and producing increased yields at lower costs.

A number of AgT ech companies are relying on vertical farming as a solution to the food security issue. However, vertical farming uses stacks of artificial LED lighting that consumes a massive amount of energy and makes it difficult to grow crops on a large scale.

Fertile soil in agricultural regions is becoming increasingly scarce due to soil depletion, however when efficient methods are utilized that do not require fertile soil, there is no lack of available agricultural land. Vertical farming lives on the opposite believe. This results in higher energy costs, higher maintenance, cost, more difficult growth monitoring, plant care and harvesting. It also requires more complex equipment. All aspects of vertical farming appear to lead to higher CapEx, OpEx, and a much more difficult scalability. We have always believed that these companies could come under financial stress due to the inherent shortcomings. That's why at Aerofresh, we try to utilize the solar power of sunlight as much as possible to grow superior crops in an environmentally friendly manner.. and make use of the earths plentiful available acreage for installation of our facilites.

Indoor Bonsai Tree

Root Growth Manipulation

30 years of R&D by collaborative experts, have taught us the optimal combination of fog particle-sizes and their alternating timing schedules. The Aerofresh system allows us to direct lateral root grown and overall root mass in our crops. This is a distinct advantage that separates us from our competition, allowing us to produce various crops, including tomatoes and bell peppers in higher yields, as opposed to being restricted to leafy greens.


This multi-stage process results in an increased rate of plant growth whereas the competitors in the aeroponics space are generally restricted to just being able to grow leafy green vegetables through their basic systems.

Missing Microbiomes

In traditional agriculture, crops grown in soil contain microbiomes (beneficial bacterial & fungal colonies) that thrive in the roots of plants. These microbiomes increase plant health, quality and yield. They also benefit the human digestive tract and act as a natural plant defense against pests, diseases and other stressors that can negatively impact plant health. Unlike the competitors, the AerofreshAI system is able to support the growth of these microbiomes while maintaining a sterile recirculating nutrient solution.

Black Soil

Increased Yields & Lower Costs

Our advanced and proprietary technology allows for aeroponic farming techniques to produce 2-6x yields on regular practices. This allows for a great amount of food to be grown in greenhouses. Along with the utilizing sunlight instead of LED artificial lighting sources, we can reduce our electricity consumption.

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